The Journey Is Often More Rewarding!

Remember those days when you sat at the “kid table” with all your siblings and cousins to decorate Christmas cookies? Icing everywhere and kids hopped up on sugar but nobody cared. The point was “they’re having fun”.

How about maybe that first time it was your turn to cook the turkey and be the host for Thanksgiving and it so STRESSED YOU OUT!

But then afterwards when everyone turned into puddles on the couch with their top button undone, telling you how delicious it was, wasn’t it all worth it?

Get your hands dirty! Bring out the chopping board and create something amazing with the best ingredients out can find!

Sure you may not like the outcome if it is something new, but so what? The point is to get connected with the process. Learn by experience about how food can make you feel….both nutritionally AND emotionally. Be adventurous and make a masterpiece in the kitchen that will make you proud to share!

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