The Journey Is Often More Rewarding Than The Destination!

The Journey Is Often More Rewarding! Remember those days when you sat at the “kid table” with all your siblings and cousins to decorate Christmas cookies? Icing everywhere and kids hopped up on sugar but nobody cared. The point was “they’re having fun”. How about maybe that first time it was your [...]

The Journey Is Often More Rewarding Than The Destination!2021-01-06T22:37:29+00:00

Why Be Negative?

Why Be Negative? We all want to succeed. We all want good things for ourselves and those we care about. Unfortunately there are always those that want to see you fail. They see flaws in your efforts and are quick to point them out. Truth is, there are no ideas and thought processes [...]

Why Be Negative?2021-01-06T22:37:38+00:00
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