Should We Be Cutting Carbs?

“Carbs” is a very general term that describes some very different foods.
Carbohydrates are one of the three main classes of foods (along with Fats and Proteins) and a source of energy.
Ideally, they are a combination of sugars, starches and fibre that the body breaks down into glucose (a simple sugar that the body can use to feed its cells) and is the most readily available source of energy.


The difference between refined foods and their healthier counterparts is processing and fibre. Most baked goods start with flour that has been ground and refined by stripping off the outer layer, where the fibre is located. They are also usually devoid of nutrients as well.

They are less satisfying and easy to overeat as the body absorbs processed (or essentially “pre-digested”) grains as simple sugars quickly.

This spike in blood sugar composition triggers an insulin release that rapidly can clear blood sugar volume in the other direction, causing low blood sugar and a craving for more.


Stick to eating whole-kernel, minimally processed grains as their vitamin/mineral and fibre content will regulate insulin more efficiently by slowing down their digestion. The WHOLE FOOD acts as slow carbs because of this slow digestion. Slow digesting carbs include some fruits, vegetables and beans too!